Origin of Caleb’s Law

By John H. Unkel, MD, MPA, DDS, FAAP Six year old Caleb Sears died in an oral surgeon’s office in ...

Is Sedation Consent the Same as Anesthesia Consent?

By Vanessa A. Olbrecht, MD, MBA, FASA Informed consent is one of the most important concepts in ...

Is our sedation service efficient? How can we tell?

By Cheri D. Landers, MD, FCCM Measuring sedation service efficiency can be challenging.  First, ...

Safety in Sedation – Not Just Physical

By Laura Mitchell, CCLS What does “patient safety” mean to you? In the world of pediatric procedural ...

Dexmedetomidine and Propofol Sparing

By Pradip Kamat An ideal sedative would have properties such as short context-sensitive half-life ...


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